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Focusing on the B2B market, MagniLearn provides hyper-personalized and efficient English learning and assessment to schools, colleges, universities, EdTech companies and corporate offices. Learners are active participants in the education and assessment process;  they creatively compose their own answers, instead of selecting an option from a pre-defined list.


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MagniLearn provides a hyper-personalized, extremely efficient English learning platform. The platform is based on a flexible content model which allows easy adaptation to any curriculum, textbook and goals.

Lessons are generated in real time, based on the personal knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses of each learner.

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The Global English Test (GET) is a fully personalized online English test designed to measure  English proficiency in the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The final grade also includes a correlated CEFR level.
MagniLearn’s advanced AI algorithm creates personalized tests for each student in real time, designed specifically to challenge them and quickly pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

No two tests will ever be the same.

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Learning & Assessment

Following the GET, students can continue learning and practicing their English with MagniLearn. Our learning platform uses the data collected during the test to create customized lessons based on the student’s English level and focuses on their knowledge gaps, as reflected during the test. This unique capability of integrating a test and a learning period based on the English level and individual weaknesses demonstrated during the test, enables students to efficiently measure and improve their English language abilities.

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Personal Knowledge Model

Hyper-Personalization, no two students have the same lesson.

Generates lessons in real time; tailors each exercise to the individual learner.


Adaptive Curriculum

Integration with any curriculum, text book, and goals.

Automatically challenges students at the optimal difficulty level to foster improvement.

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Nanolearning Approach

Short, free-form, challenging exercises in which students compose their own answers.

Personalized real time feedback including detailed explanations in the student’s native language.

Data Driven Insights


Insight into areas of difficulty in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation at both the class and student level.

Both predictions for and data on curriculum coverage, pace and improvement rates per student and per group of students.

Teach YOUR curriculum up to 6 times faster

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Knowledge Advancement

Our active learners demonstrate significant improvement.

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+15 Points

Grade Improvements

Students progress through fully personalized quizzes generated in real time.

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High Engagement

Our students would be happy to continue learning English with MagniLearn as part of their school curriculum.



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Mr. Masatoshi Kurodani

Manager of English Educational Development Department

AIC Education Ltd.

Using ManiLearn significantly helps my students study English, especially by increasing their learning productivity at home. In addition, teachers can more easily follow each student’s learning process and understand their areas of weakness. MagniLearn personalizes the curriculum for each student and is well received by students. Thus, students are more eager to learn with MagniLearn.

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Mr. Ryan Hatcher

Assistant Professor

Hannam University, Korea


"MagnilLearn has been the best online learning experience of my life and I am fortunate to be able to use this wonderful product in class.
For the past year, the team has worked tirelessly with me, constantly adding new, innovative, useful, and impressive features. They continue to amaze me with their dedication to improving language learning and I am proud to work with such a dedicated organization. On top of all of this, my students are highly motivated and are constantly improving with the use of MagniLearn.

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Product Review

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Ms. Tasha Salam

Head English Teacher at South Korea, Seoul

Twinkle English Academy, Mapo School Branch

Why Every ESL School Needs To Use MagniLearn

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