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MagniLearn’s language platform was built by academic experts in the fields of Natural Language Processing, AI, Cognition, linguistics and education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Our breakthrough technology can be customized to any native language and any school’s goals.

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Unique Personal Knowledge Map for each student

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Real-time, dynamically generated online lessons

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Active, personalized free-form exercises

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Precise, real-time and engaging feedback

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Full integration with the school’s curriculum



100% personalized

Understands student’s strengths and weaknesses while dynamically adjusting exercises accordingly.

Extreme efficiency in online language teaching

Reinforces accurate answers and raises students’ confidence; addresses errors on an individual level, and provides concise feedback. 

Dynamic solution: Full integration or stand alone

We can teach according to any schools’ curriculum, textbooks, goals and languages.

Critical, data-driven insights for educators

Data driven, full reporting, and result tracking for principles, teachers, students and parents, all by maintaining students data privacy policies.



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of our students would be glad to learn English with MagniLearn as part of their school curriculum.

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Knowledge Improvement

% of active learners who demonstrated significantly enhanced knowledge.

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of the parents, whose children used MagniLearn, would recommend using MagniLearn as part of the school curriculum.


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Mr. Masatoshi Kurodani

Manager of English Educational Development Department

AIC Education Ltd.


Using ManiLearn significantly helps my students study English, especially by increasing their learning productivity at home. In addition, teachers can more easily follow each student’s learning process and understand their areas of weakness. MagniLearn personalizes the curriculum for each student and is well received by students. Thus, students are more eager to learn with MagniLearn.

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Mr. Ryan Hatcher

Assistant Professor

Hannam University, Korea


"MagnilLearn has been the best online learning experience of my life and I am fortunate to be able to use this wonderful product in class.
For the past year, the team has worked tirelessly with me, constantly adding new, innovative, useful, and impressive features. They continue to amaze me with their dedication to improving language learning and I am proud to work with such a dedicated organization. On top of all of this, my students are highly motivated and are constantly improving with the use of MagniLearn.

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Product Review

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Ms. Tasha Salam

Head English Teacher at South Korea, Seoul

Twinkle English Academy, Mapo School Branch

Why Every ESL School Needs To Use MagniLearn