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Language Learning Software should be intelligent. That is our core premise at MagniLEARN.  Our difference is that we built teaching algorithms that are language-aware


The core of our product uses breakthroughs in AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to develop a novel linguistics engine with algorithms that understand how each student learns. Magnilearn constantly learns about the student even as the student learns from the software.  Just like a dedicated human tutor, MagniLEARN uses AI and NLP to discern what grammar and vocabulary the student has already mastered, what areas are still confusing or completely unfamiliar and then dynamically generates a personalized learning path based on each student’s current language skills.

Dreaming of a better life, students the world over know that literacy in their native language is not enough.  In today’s interconnected world English fluency is required to attain a better future.  Nevertheless, less than 20% of the more than 1.7 billion students studying English throughout the world will gain a moderate level of fluency, and fewer still will master English. Two factors stand in the way: the lack of qualified English teachers and, until now, the failure of learning software to fill the gap, despite an estimated $7B spent on language learning software in 2020.



MagniLEARN is the first language learning application that truly personalizes language learning.  What sets us apart is that we gave the computer enough language awareness to be able to teach language intelligently.  MagniLEARN’s breakthrough Linguistics Engine distinguishes what the student knows, what type of mistakes are being made, and what to teach next. It uses this information to coach each student with exactly the right exercise, at the right time.  MagniLEARN provides detailed personalized feedback and guides the student to achieve proficiency at least three-times faster.


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